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Going to Coachella!

I’ve planned Coachella in my head for the longest. I feel like Beyonce even postponed last years appearance just for me, lol. I won’t be there this year but I am finally taking this seriously; I’m calculating how much it’ll cost to go to Coachella and I’m fixing my outfits so that when the year comes, I am ready!


What is Coachella

Before we get into the nitty grity of the price range; The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival aka Coachella is one of the biggest festivals in the world. It is attended by over half a million every year, with 5 main stages across the event. Every year since 1993, people have made their way to California from all walks of life in April, to this star-studded event with the world’s most famous artists and bands performing. It also has some amazing art installments and it is hosted in two weekends.

This year, the headliners include Beyonce, The Weeknd, Cardi B, Tom Misch, Jamiroquai and Black Coffee. These are only a few names, the line-up is packed with various artists from different genres. The beauty of it all is that you’ll probably discover new artists and music. Check out the full line up here

One of the reasons many of us shy away from going to such events is probably because of the high costs we project (in our heads). I’ve been told I’d need close to R 500 000 in order to attend this big event hosted in Indio, California. Well this year, I put on my big girl panties and found out for myself.

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Ticket Prices

The first cost I looked up was the ticket prices; when I go to Coachella, I will be in the VIP area. The VIP tickets on various websites go for about R 19 000 but tickets for the 3-day pass (tickets) on the Coachella website cost R 10 989. Look out for such, the R 9 000 difference will obviously be paid by late ticket buyers who really want to be there.

PS; the ticket sales opened on 5th January at noon and at 3 pm they were sold out. There’s also a ticket advance sale in June, so brace yourself.

Coachella Tickets
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Ideally I would want accommodation that will continue to give me a well rounded Coachella experience. There’s quite a few options and here are the ones that caught my attention:

  • General Camping from the Viagogo website – R 10 752
  • Premium on-site VIP camping  for two people on the Coachella website – R 43 200 and R 29 496 for general camping
  • Onsite lodging on a Safari Tent for two people – R 102 000
  • Hotel stays vary from R 38 388 – R 94 788 depending on where you stay and for how long

The best bet is to check out recommendations from the Coachella website as it offers different, affordable options. This way you’ll also have a reputable referral and you’ll be sure your money is going to the right place. Personally, I would opt for the onsite camping in order to eliminate travelling costs and to get a fully rounded experience of Coachella throughout my stay there.

Coachella Accom
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The flight

The cheapest flight I found from Johannesburg to Palm Springs, California costs R 15 177 (United Airlines), this is economy with 2 stops. The flight is projected to be 36 hours to go and 28 hours on a return trip. Take it in, that’s a full day plus a couple. Bring along a couple of seasons of your favourite series because it’s gonna be a loooooong flight to Palm Springs.

If you’re feeling upper and want to travel business class, it’ll cost R 56 789 on United Airlines and R 81 230.29 on Virgin with 2 connecting flights. Time projected is the same as the economy flight but this one will obviously be more comfortable with the leg room and all.

The shuttle service from the airport to camping site; R 840 per trip.

Coachella Flight
Twitter : Coachella

Other costs

The other costs would include food, drinks and extra spending money. I’m not too worried about these because I’m one of those who can make it work with the bare minimum. I would budget R 4 000 – R 7 000 and probably spend less than that.

The fashion

I wouldn’t go absolutely crazy here, remember it is a festival/party and there’ll be thousands of people everywhere, meaning you might get someones feet on yours at some point. And I want to be able to dance to my favourite Beyonce song when she is on stage, so comfort is important. Since the world is crazy about African prints, I would throw in a few prints and hope that photographers spot me (because Instagram life!).

Here’s what I would wear

First of all… These are the only shoes I’m taking with. Judge me, but I’m serious. Comfort is as important as beauty and I also have to consider luggage space. I’ll probably back pack my way through this trip. These leisure sneakers are the most comfortable I’ve had in a while and they look good with everything; a dress, shorts, jeans. You name it. Surely they’ll survive a weekend of jollying.

Outfit 1

Side note, it’s Spring in the Northern hemisphere and my research tells me Spring is hot in California. My first outfit would be short shorts, a white tank top and a floral kimono I recently made. I love these shorts but my mom hates them because they show my butt cheeks. Sorry mom, I’m wearing these shorts again. Tell me you wouldn’t look back if you saw this girl walking past? Long legs and all…

Outfit 2

Wakanda forever! I’m keeping my promise here. Since the world is currently crazy about African prints, I’ll team up my colourful “Wakanda” print skirt with a crop top and lace cardigan, just for dramatic effect. I would wear this on the day that the festival has more soulful artists. Yes, I could’ve styled this up a bit more but comfort is an important factor.

Outfit 3

Here’s another fun and bright look that I would rock at Coachella. Maroon is my current obsession, red and maroon to be exact. I thought about wearing matching palazzo pants but shorts will do just fine for this one. I’ll maybe consider the palazzo pants if the weather is a bit chilly.

Bonus Outfit

Another Wakanda themed outfit with a modern twist. I made this seShweshwe top long ago and I finally found the perfect occasion. No traditional wedding can handle such hotness, so it’s perfect for Coachella. I accessorize my outfit with a Ndebele choker and teamed it up with my denim shorts and sneakers. I don’t know about you but I love this outfit. After Coachella, I’m taking it for a spin at a cookout near me.

The Grand Finale…

All in all, I could spend more or less R 75 000 for this trip. This is inclusive of all the items I mentioned above; tickets R 11 000, accommodation R 43 200 and R 15 177 for the flight. Plus R 5 000 spending money, shuttle included. I’ll start saving and make this trip a reality. I won’t see Beyonce this year, but we shall meet at Coachella. After my trip research, I can see myself  at the Coachella festival and making loads of friends and the most unforgettable memories.

Coachella Finale.JPG

Coachella 2019, here we come!

Are you coming with me?

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  1. 24hoursinthelifeofagoddess
    3 years ago

    Thank you for breaking it down for me. I was lazy to but kept wondering what the hype was really about.

    1. kekgoshigadi
      3 years ago

      You’re welcome. After reading this, would You go to Coachella?

      1. 24hoursinthelifeofagoddess
        3 years ago

        Absolutely! The experience sounds like something out of this world.


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