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Kgoshigadi Celebrates Year 28 in Haarties

30 September was my big day. Hello Year 28!! I’ve always wanted to travel the beautiful continent of Africa but before that there are quite a number of short lefts I wanted to go to, Haartbeespoort was one of them & what better way to spend my birthday than out & as close to nature as possible.

I was impressed by the scenery of Haartespoort Dam. It has a beautiful calmness about it. This was the day after a lunch I hosted for friends; after a bit of a stressful week planning the lunch, all I wanted was a getaway to put my feet up.

We booked into a holiday apartment called Damview Holiday Apartment, and I was never ready…

We got to the apartment & we had to wait for about 10 minutes to get in, almost as though they weren’t expecting us (we’re off to a good start right?..). When we finally got in, I first wondered where was the (dam) view that got us to book this place.

The first hour at Damview Holiday Apartment.

We got into our Deluxe apartment & to my disappointment, there was no view. We literally had to stand on burglar bars to get our view. After the owner showed us the place he dashed off & I poured myself a glass of wine hoping this view will get better with every glass.

Although the company & conversation was great, after a few hours, I couldn’t do this view (or non-existence if it) anymore. We also discovered the sheets weren’t clean either, oily patches and all. We didn’t drive 2 hours for this, I called management & asked for a room at a level above where we were & they promised to get back to us later. Later was 4 calls later (I’m that persistent when I want something & it was my birthday after all).

After a 3-4 hour wait, management finally attended to us & “made it up to us”. We got the upgrade to an executive suite with a view to live for (and clean white sheets). Our trip was looking that much more better & the wine tasted sweeter. We slept with the curtains open just to marvel at the view & the stars.

The view at night was the kind you couldn’t take pictures of because there was no city lights or artificial light to support the camera but as soon as the sun came up we could take a few snaps. We woke up to the (dam) view; the water covered in greenlands and a backdrop of the mountain. This was why we drove for two hours for this place.

Damview by day
The morning view from the Executive Suite.

Overall the Damview Holiday Apartment was okay from the executive suite, I viewed the other suites & this one was the only one that will give you the beautiful home away from home experience.


About Haarties;

After check out time we took a drive around to check out the scene. The combination of the mountains & valleys stole my heart. While some places were just stone & water, some had grass that complimented the valley feel. This side of the North West is a tourist attraction so if you’re the type to take pictures all the time, don’t worry. You’ll come across people like us who stopped everywhere we could to capture the moment.


Overall, I’ll give this short but restful experience a 5/10.


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