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Something South Grand Opening

07 October a cold, rainy day. But being the party soldiers that we are, we headed to the south to check out the grand opening of a new place called Something South. On the line up was Shekinah and DJ Sliq. Shekinah had just release her album the day before, so it was bound to be a great treat, or was it?

Firstly, we got lost for an hour trying to find the place. We found ourselves at another market close by where there was older people selling second hand everything (clothes, phones, toys.. You name it). Our first thought was “false advertising”! We traveled all the way from the east to the south for this? Until we spotted the Something South stretch tent from a distant. Then we had to follow our instincts and sense of direction because the signage was close to non-existent, except for a banner that was by the entrance which we missed a couple of times. I got a contact number from someone I was following (back) on Twitter since the @SomethingSouth account didn’t bother responding to my call for help for directions. Anyhoo..

When we got there DJ Sliq was leaving, did we get that lost that we missed this performance? The rain eventually showed some mercy and despite the beautiful view, everyone was indoors and the furnisher was wet. My partner was hungry so we decided to stay, regardless of how the clouds were threatening to fall down again. Let’s get into the yay and the nay…

The Yay!! The set up was meant to be a pop-up market. There were exhibitors there who had a variety of things to sell, from food to clothes and drinks. Unfortunately they had to pack and unpack a number of times due to the whether.

The event was free with R 100 cost for cooler boxes. I can gladly say it was a good idea that we opted to go cooler-free because the drinks were relatively affordable. I got my 6 pack of Bernini for R 70 and my partner got his 6 pack Castle Lite for R 40. The most expensive on the drinks menu was Hennessy, going for R 650 per bottle. The food and hospitality was also great. Despite the volume of people vs. the number of ladies serving us, they did a great job.

Talking about ladies, hello! There was a group that everyone noticed, the short shorts with the butt cheeks out gang. I would’ve been one of them but the whether didn’t allow, lol. On the real though, the vibe was beautiful. A good balance of men and women, cool kids and chilled kids. There was a play area for kids as well but it shut down quicker than expected due to the rain.

And the nay…

I always say to event organisers, treat everyone with the same amount of respect. You never know who’s who. And above all, remember the power of word of mouth. After chilling at the lounge area the whole day, one of the organisers decided that the lounge area was for artists only. The people she actually moved us for were her friends. The funniest was when she told me if I don’t move it’ll all end badly. Knowing me and my cheeky self, I laughed and my partner asked me to let it go because we were about to leave. That left a bad taste in my mouth. The music was still pumping and crowd was coming in but that was it. Whether or not Rose Gold girl, Shekinah came through to perform, I don’t know.

Besides the management issue at the end, Something South could be a nice chill out spot for this festive season. Might wanna check it out your self, the sunset from there was lovely.

I’ll give this one a 4.5/10.


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