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Is It Holiday Time Again?

I’m literally craving a holiday or something to disrupt my daily routine. Something pleasant and juicy, like a holiday. Next to the beach, a walk away from utilities and a dark chocolate man to feed me all sorts of yummies. All of the above remind me of my latest holiday which took place in November 2017. An unplanned road trip with the love of my life and a bunch of friends to Durban Bluff.

The time away from work pressures and deadlines did a lot for my soul and my creativity. Around the time, there was a lot happening all at once and it helped to ease my mind and pull me back to myself. I got to wear my bikini, go to beach and the biggest highlight; spend time with myself and have a heart to heart with my himness. Here are a few highlights from the trip;

Enroute to Durban Bluff

Just out of Gauteng, the energy switched. There were more trees, beautiful mountains, a light breeze and fresh air. After the first tollgate, we were officially on vacation. The atmosphere and mood in the car we were travelling in also changed. On our way to Bluff, we saw the iconic Moses Mabida Stadium, these pictures don’t do any justice how beautiful this stadium is.

Our House For The Weekend

Our accommodation exceeded my expectations. We booked through Air BnB and I was a bit scepitical because I was using this service for the first time. I thought the pictures would be too good to be true but it was exactly what the host posted on his profile. We woke up to amazing sunrises and the view of the sunset was breath-taking. The waves, in clear sight, were also calling my name.

The Beach, a walk away

One of the biggest positives was having the beach a walk away from our beach house. Anstey beach was said to be quiet compared to Treasure beach so we opted for that one. Although the beach guard was a bit of a pain with his whistle going off every 5 seconds, we had a lovely stay at this beach. The beach was quiet enough to allow for a short nap.

Houses in Bluff

The houses at Durban Bluff are beyond beautiful. One of the houses closer to the beach looked like a white and navy yacht on land. I didn’t want to infringe in the home owners rights by taking pictures of their house but these should set the tone of our surrounding during the stay. Nothing short of lovely.

The Pool Parties

We had pool parties throughout our whole stay. We hosted our private pool parties before and after beach time and again just before the sunset. I guess what also kept us by the pool was the view and the surfers we often saw strutting their skills. As a Joburger, I couldn’t get enough. Even squeezed in 2 yoga sessions by the porch, just next to the pool.

The Last Supper

The last night was the best. We moved the couch to the poach outside and watched the sunset over the last few drinks we had. In the background, we heard the beautiful sounds of Lofi music, laughter was coming from every direction and we could smell an amazing “last supper” coming along. The moon and the stars couldn’t have been brighter on that night.

I came back to Joburg feeling like a million bucks. Ready for anything. Our stay at Durban Bluff was short with very little activity, just like we imagined it to be like. If you’re reading this I’m already on my next adventure, surprising my himness with a birthday getaway and a post Valentines day celebration he will never forget. I might not be able to write about that one, lol.


Side note: We paid R 505 per person for 2 nights on AirBnB for our Durban trip

Book for your first trip using this code and you get a R 600 discount.

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  1. Lelo
    3 years ago

    for a moment I was away from the cold Jozi weather…with a potential ‘himness’ and a couple of friends. lol. Great post and insights – thanks for the code 🙂


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