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My Short Trip to Limpopo

So there I was on a Saturday afternoon with tons to do on my to-do list. I was actually on my way out; dressed and ready to leave the house when my dad suggested we go to Limpopo. I surprisingly said yes and we were off. The plan was to leave on Saturday and come back on Sunday but looking at my luggage bag, you could’ve sworn I was leaving for the week. I pack 4 outfits; just in case it’s cold, just in case it’s hot, just in case it’s very hot and just in case it’s very, very hot.

I know…

After 2 hours sorting that out, we were off to Limpopo. This trip actually reminded me of my childhood; the music, the stop at Wimpy, the mini naps. Watching the transition from the tall building to the mountains brought back beautiful memories. Apparently, I used to tell the parents I was full and didn’t need to eat while we saw the buildings and I was suddenly hungry when we saw the mountains. Lol, I was a smart kid.

After 4 hours, we were finally home. I noticed the air literally changes when you get to Limpopo. Also, people from Limpopo often joke about having a fruit salad in their back yard, it’s not a lie. That’s the first place I went to after I greeted my grandmother; her garden. She has a beautiful garden; filled with mangoes trees, paw paw trees, grape trees, a chili tree, an avo tree, and plenty of Rose bushes.

Another thing I love about Lebowakgomo is the sense of Ubuntu, they eat sleep and breathe it. During the day, one of the neighbors came to see my grandmother and gave her fruits from her garden. My grandmother also gives fruits from her garden whenever she feels like she has too much.

There wasn’t much to do in the afternoon except sit outside with granma and watch the little sunset that was there.

On Sunday, I woke up to chickens crowing and church bells going off. I’m guessing those were to signal the beginning of the church service. The bells were actually lovely to wake up to. Even nicer, one bell went off the minute I was meant to get out of meditation. Meditating there was bliss; imagine the beautiful breeze, the light sun, and sound of my grandmother walking around trying to figure out what the heck I was doing sitting still with my eyes closed outside for so long. She has a very strong presence; I could feel her presence every time she was coming towards me and every time she silently stared at me.

Lunchtime came and went by the compliments from my aunt. She made a simple meal which also has childhood memories. She’s well known for making the simplest food taste amazing. My family still don’t understand why I don’t eat meat so they often forget about me, I find it hilarious now. This was my lunch vs. my brother’s lunch, hilarious right? Maybe not. But we’ll get there.


My brother wanting to go and see the Baroka House made me realize I’ve been to Limpopo so many times but sadly I haven’t explored it. All I’ve done is go to my grandmother’s house, my aunt’s house and back home. There’s actually so much to see and explore there. I’m going to make it my mission to go there for leisure and sight-seeing purposes.

I did my research; here are a few things I’d like to do in Limpopo

Phalaborwa Boat Trip

I hear you can get the most amazing view of the sunset here. Because it borders on the Kruger National Park, the boat ride also gives a view of the wildlife; including elephants, crocodiles, hippos and a variety of birds. The boat ride is 3 hours. Imagine sundowners and this view on a Sunday afternoon.


Magoebaskloof Getaway Hiking Trail

This is a 2-hour hiking trail stacked with beautiful forests and views. On the way, there is a waterfall that I hear many have taken a stop and had a blast having the crystal clear spring water shower their body. If the pictures of this hiking trail and the forest are anything to go by, I would definitely enjoy this. The cabins that host this trail also offer amazing views.

Game Walks in the Greater Kruger Park

I’ve done game drives before, but I’m sure a game walk is even better. These apparently allow you to explore the safari at a more comfortable pace. Probably not for the faint-hearted, you and a ranger walk close (enough) to a herd of grazing animals and dangerous predators. The Mohlabetsi Safari Lodge also offers amazing views and facilities.

The Amarula Lapa

The Amarula Lapa is known as the Spirit of Africa. 12km away from Phalaborwa, guests can sample a variety of ways to enjoy Amarula. The hospitality center is close to the processing plant where the fresh marula fruit is brought during the harvesting season. Guests are invited to experience the marula plantation and a mini showcase on how the Marula is “brewed” into Amarula.

If you’re looking for a jol, I hear Sekgakgapeng Apollong is Limpopo’s “yard”. From the flyers I see, it looks like a real joy. Various musicians have posted their experience at “the yard” and have great things to say about it. I’d probably go there for an hour and head back to the quiet side of Limpopo.

Other popular places in Bela Bela that I think are worthwhile include;

Hot Springs at Forever Resorts and Waterline Zipline Adventures.

So there it is, can’t wait to blog about my home town being the best place to visit for leisure and sightseeing. I think it only makes sense to explore my own beautiful home while I explore the rest of the world.

Have you explored Limpopo? Where did you go?

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