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The Adventure Called; Gold Reef City

One random day, myself and my girls sat during lunch and thought; when last did we play. As in, let our hair down and forget adulting. Then we thought; play = rides = theme park. Gold Reef City. The last time I went to Gold Reef City was in 2016; after a race, we got a complimentary entry so we made the best of it. It wasn’t fun though, hundreds of other runners got the complimentary entry so we spent more time queuing for rides more than being on the rides. We wanted to do this differently, I mean why live for weekends only. And so we headed to Gold Reef City on a Thursday for some mid-week fun.


I woke up feeling so excited on the day; my meditation was shorter than usual because I  couldn’t wait to get to Gold Reef. I laughed at myself while I was getting ready beacuse I thought of how my wig will stay on during all those rides. Yes, I also wanted to look good for this, lol. I came up with a plan that actually woked, put a doek on it. And it worked like a charm. Second dilemma was, to wear shorts or not to wear shorts. I stuck to leggings because the sun was out but cousin Wind was also there.


I waited patiently for an hour for my mates, I was tempted to throw a tantrum but hearing the rides and the (school) kids from the outside kept me calm. As soon as I saw them, nothing else mattered except being a kid again and getting on the rides. After paying, the first stop was; the Golden Loop, a ride slightly more scarier ride compared to the Anaconda but not as freaky as the Tower of Terror. It was good practice for what’s to come. In true, we wanna be child-like, style; we also went for a ride that got our bums wet. We sat through it thinking, this would be the ultimate ice-breaker if you were on a romantic date because all the guys who signed up for this ride were totally embarrassed that they were wet.

And then we headed to the storm after the calm. The much anticipated, Tower of Terror. The most terrifying thing about this ride is seeing the faces of those who come back from this exhilarating ride. We witnessed someone literally crying. And others who went on the ride loud AF but came back quiet. It was also interesting to see my friends face while we were waiting in line.

Just to summarize the experience on Tower of Terror, there’s a special place in hell for this ride for the short but terrifying feeling you get. Something else that’s dump is that you voluntarily signed up for it knowing what’s coming. My wig and doek survived all the rides but almost fell off here. Also, I had a slight headache from bumping my head against the headrest, I literally felt like I had a concussion on my head.

Another highlight of the day was the lunch time. While we were waiting for our food we spotted a guy walking around with a bodyguard. Black suit and ear piece and all. We had our own conspiracy theories about who they are and what they were up to. Our theories varied from them being drug dealers, to them spying on us and this guy being the son of some rich king from an indigenous country in Africa. It turns out his a musician, according to our waiter. And no we did not dare to take pictures. We couldn’t risk being hunted down for posting their pictures. On a funny note; the guy didn’t let his body guard finish his food. Poor guy looked back so many times at his left overs, lol.

The rest of the afternoon was spent on chilled but fun rides like the UFO, the Love Boat and the Swing. The newest ride, the High-Flying Maverick, was also quiet fun. I guess, lol. You’ll enjoy it if you’re looking for something “less than” the Anaconda. Save the Tower of Terror for last, after that nothing is quiet as exhilarating.


To end of the beautiful day, we grabbed some soft serve ice-cream. The nostalgia with that ending was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better ending. We walked out of there feeling refreshed. Who would’ve thought, a trip to the Gold Reef City would give me such a face and soul lift. I took a leave day for this and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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