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Flying Fish #FlavourOdyssey

I finally got to see Masego live… Just kidding! I wish.

But how I got tickets to The Flying Fish #FlavourOdyssey Festival was pretty damn cool.

As soon as they dropped the news about Masego coming to SA again, my friend Tebo tagged me on their Tweet and I was obviously beyond myself. I responded directly on Flying Fish’s tweet asking them not to make us “work” for our tickets. They said nothing so I moved on with life.

Tweet 1

A few weeks later I remembered the concert was coming soon so I was anticipating the tickets to go on sale anytime soon so I went to check on their page. Straight after that I listened to Masego to hype myself up and suddenly my Twitter notifications were a bit lit. To my beautiful surprise, Flying Fish responded to my tweet and told me I will not work for tickets. Just like that I had 2 tickets to see Uncle Sego live in SA.

Tweet 3

The Night Before

Suddenly, Masego announces he is stuck in another country and won’t make it to SA. My heart?! I honestly hoped he would surprise us at the concert but that didn’t happen. We already had the tickets; to go or not to go?

On The Day

It was cold and rainy and Masego wasn’t going to be there. Well, I needed to go out and I had a cute outfit planned, so #HaeDu!

Surprisingly, there was parking and the event was quiet intimate. Besides Masego not being there, there was a great turnout as time went.  Also, no rain formed against us prospered; the cute outfits were on display and the deco was bright and summery. There were many photo opportunities, I thoroughly enjoyed all of them.


Our first stop was the indoor photo booth, it sucked that I had to go on the net to access the photo’s but it was worth it. It finally stopped raining when Sho’Madjozi came on stage. That lady is such a ball of energy, a force to be reckoned with. The clouds cleared up and the crowd pleaser was obviously, Huku.

After that was another ball of energy came on stage; Moonchild Sanelly. There’s something pleasant about watching Moonchild performing; one thing though, her free spirit intimidates a lot of people. I remember warning my sister that the 1st time you see her perform, you are literally stunned by how comfortable she is with her sexuality. After that, you appreciate her performances and dance along. She came into the crowd and asked us to open a circle for her, we gladly obliged and danced with her. We were that type of crowd, my type of crowd.

Manthe Ribane; well-known dancer and now musician was also an experience. I feel like she can teach other musicians about stage performance and presence because everything about her performance was intriguing. The stage props, the outfits, the dancers. Most of us stood still not because we weren’t into her, but we could only watch and experience everything by being still.

After that was Akio Kawahito’s set; he played Tom Misch’s The Journey and my day was made… I don’t think SA is aware of how much liquid jazz is a thing… Anyhooooo

There was American rapper JIDsv. I won’t lie, I didn’t know him so it was hard to get into it but there was a crowd that loved every moment he was on stage. One thing I did enjoy was his chemistry with his crowd. Now we were officially waiting for the last act; Black Motion. And they delivered. There’s something about Black Motion that just doesn’t get old. I’ve seen them perform many times over the years and they seem to get better and better. The crowd favourites were Joy feat. Brendon Praise and Prayer For Rain feat. Cairo; which got me in a mini trance. Watch the full Black Motion performance here

In the end..

It was an amazing day all round. The performances, the crowd, the ambiance and the venue was spot on. The down side, I’m not for sponsored events that force us to drink a specific drink and nothing else. SAB has sister brands that can add a variety but then again, I wouldn’t have tried Flying Fish if there was anything else. And I must admit, it’s not so bad…

Flying Fish definitely did add #FlavourOdyssey .

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Posted on July 20, 2019

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