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Race Course Fashion Do’s & Don’ts

With the Sun Met fever slowly but surely catching on, it’s only fair we write up on the Do’s and Don’ts of race course events. I’ve seen the most when it comes to race course events, from the fashion mishaps to the impractical outfits (considering there’s grass everywhere); it’s easy to fall into the trap of being beautiful but very uncomfortable.

Throwback to the last J&B Met 2016, now known as the Sun Met

Let’s start with the Do’s:

Wear block heels

It’s a race course event. Again, there’s grass everywhere. Most of the time there’s also mud and a very course, uneven field that is often over crowded. Save yourself the admin of destroying your shoes and walking like a new born giraffe half way through the event. Trust me ladies, wear block heels. They are a great investment. The thicker, the better and more comfortable.

Block heels 3
The bigger the block, the better and more comfortable.

Heel stoppers

If buying a new pair block heels is too much admin, there’s heel stoppers. I first laughed at the concept of heel stoppers when I saw them but I regretted not getting them half way through the event. The function is basically to stop heels from disappearing into the ground and later damaging the heel. Once you get over how they transform your heels, they don’t look so bad. Either buy see-through heel stoppers or a colour that matches your shoes. Or refer to point one, wear block heels.

Know thy theme, and dress accordingly

There’s nothing worse than going against the grain (theme) in a distasteful way. It’s like being invited to an all white party and wearing yellow to be different, it never looks good. Dressing according to the theme is what we deem as “fashion etiquette”. The beauty of a theme is that it can be interpreted in many ways. Make an effort to dress according to the theme, even if it’s the bare minimum.

Theme vs Costume
Enroute to the Sansui Cup 2013: Colour To Conquer

And the don’ts;

Costume vs. Theme Abiding Outfit

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of wearing a costume in the quest of going with a theme. A costume is best described as a garment that you probably won’t wear after the event. A theme abiding outfit is practical, you can wear again after the event to a high-tea, a wedding or an event that requires you to dress up. At some stage of my liking things, I made a lot of costumes. I looked great at the event but the dresses gathered dust in my closet afterwards. When in doubt, ask yourself; where else will I wear this after the event?

theme vs. costumes
Durban July 2012. Haven’t worn these dreses since the event. Costume vibes…

Keep the shoes on

I’ve seen it happen very often at race course events, just before sunset. Bare in mind there will be drinks and entertainment at the race course event. This is why block heels (the buzz word) will not fail you. But which ever heel you choose to go with, commit to it. Alternatively, carry an extra pair of flat shoes for the after sunset activities, no one will notice by then. Or do as I did and wear a long, but manageable skirt that allows you be comfortable wearing stompie (short) heels. Race course events are all day events and you’ll enjoy it more when you’re comfortable. Trust me, I know.

Long skirt

While we’re at it, remember to bet on a horse or two. It is a (horse) race day after all.

NB: Please forgive me for the low quality pics, they were taken during low MP smartphone days. I’ve improved. Bonus tip, take great pics with good quality cameras so they last forever (see what I did there..)

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