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Keep Your Idea’s To Yourself!

So there I was one night, awake after obsessing about a concept for a while. I hadn’t yet figured out the solution to the problem and it was lingering in my mind, strongly. I eventually let it go and just before I fell asleep, it hit me. I quickly got up and wrote the idea on my phone and sent it to a friend because I wanted a response the next day.

I was working on it and last night I opened Instagram and BAAAAM! My idea, to the T. Every like detail I described was right in front of me, except I didn’t execute it. This friend shared my idea with her other designer friends and they ran with it.

I laughed and then cried. I wrote this in tears, in disbelief over what I just saw. I went to check Instagram three times and my eyes where not deceiving me. I laughed because I never share my ideas with anyone until after I’ve executed. I’m the type to buy a car and not say a word to anyone, my own mother saw my new car the day it arrived. What was I doing here?

I listen to Abraham Hicks teachings daily on YouTube, the other day I heard a message about the importance of keeping ideas to yourself until you are fully sold on the idea and nothing can shake you out of believing that it will happen. She spoke profoundly about energizing your idea first, and then sharing. My coach says it in a way that I understood better; “in the same way that you would not give your new born baby to anyone and everyone, why would you give your new born idea to everyone? An idea is literally your baby, why are you not careful with it?”

A few years ago a friend broke up with me because I never shared my ideas with her, our energy was always off. We were wound friends. All we ever did was complain and moan about everything and anything. I knew never to share good news with her either because it quickly became a trip down memory lane about all my failures. When you share a brand new idea, the last thing you need is a reminder of all the reasons it didn’t work.

Intuition, a very important factor. My intuition told me to write the idea down, not write it down and send it to a friend. My excitement got the better of me and well, well, well… Look what we got there. I’m not saying never share idea’s because in essence our ideas need the compliance of others (human resources, investors, assistance from an expert) but sit with the idea until it’s time to share. You’ll know when it’s time to share it and with who to share it with.

This friend denies sharing the idea but the timing and the detail of the execution tell me otherwise but there’s nothing that I can do but take my L and move on. I’m definitely back to my old ways, sharing when it is all said and done.

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  1. Makhotso
    6 months ago

    Sending love and hugs Sunshine ☀️

    I know whatever you do next, you’re going to kill it ♥️


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