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30 Years, 30 Reflections

On the 30th, I woke up high and joyous. The memories from the previous day lingered on and I woke up to a gang of messages and missed calls. I woke up, did my regular prayer and meditation (in tears of joy). I MADE IT! I was 30, on the 30th. I wanted this day to be quiet and intentional, so I spent most of the day by myself setting intentions and goals for the year and the decade. I also spent the day counting my blessings. Before we get into the 30 Reflections; here’s how I spent my birthday.

Goddess Extra Bath

The Goddess Extra Bath was meant to happen last year after the 10 day silent and meditation retreat but I postponed it until the birthday excitement frizzled out. And it frizzled out quickly because I wasn’t in a good space. This year, I bought the ingredients in advance and built up the excitement until the 30th. The ingredients included a jar of raw honey, a few scoops of coconut oil, a few handfuls of Himalayan salt, coconut milk and flowers. The bath was surrounded but rose quartz and candles.

I soaked in the bath for about an hour while listening to Mpho Sebina, it was worth the wait.

The purpose of the bath can be as deep or as shallow as you want it to be. The ingredients feel amazing on the skin and serve a purpose of cleansing and/or nourishing the skin.

The Massage

A friend suggested I get a massage and I went for a traditional Chinese massage; a full body Thai aromatherapy therapy with heated herbal compress and head massage. I slept throughout the massage and woke up when a heated something was put on my torso. Almost like a hot stone massage, but not really. The masseuse actually laughed when I woke up and thank me for being the easiest client to work with. Meaning, she could toss and turn me around as she pleased, lol.

After that it was time to go shopping and have a solo lunch date. As I was having the lunch I reflected and wrote 30 lessons.

Overall, it was an amazing day. Exactly what I wanted. I really am chuffed about this new decade and I look forward to experiencing what it has in store. Here are the 30 reflections I wrote while having lunch.

30 Years, 30 Reflections with Kgoshigadi

  1. It’s possible to be hurt, healing and happy at the same damn time. Please read that again.
  2. Your words are powerful, they literally create your reality. Even those “subtle jokes”.
  3. Alone time is important; enjoy your own company and get to know yourself.
  4. Develop a relationship with God, nurture that relationship and watch what happens.
  5. The people around you are a reflection of you. They are you and you are them.
  6. Money is important and you chase it away but cursing it and pretending like it doesn’t matter. Fix your relationship with money!
  7. Acknowledge your ancestors; these are people who’ve walked before you and have a greater understanding on life.
  8. Hire a life coach, or two. Preferably someone you admire.
  9. Faith is key. Faith is life. Faith is everything.
  10. Relationships exist for growth and to challenge your beliefs. The “butterflies in the stomach” were/are lies we choose to believe for our own selfish reasons.
  11. Take care of your body; speak kindly to it, eat healthy and workout. Did I mention, eat healthy. On that healthy tip, quitting meat was the best decision I’ve made in terms of diet.
  12. Invest in an energy healer (Reiki, kinesiology ect). You are a three part being and your energy also needs to be nurtured.
  13. You can master more than one career in one lifetime, go crazy. Ask me how I know.
  14. Once you start achieving your goals, get used to being uncomfortable because the dreams get bigger and that requires growth. Consistently.
  15. You will wake up one day and say “Enough is enough” and leave. But it’s okay to leave before then, you’ll know when it’s time to leave. Trust that gut feeling. Trust your instincts, always.
  16. Get a vision board and meditate on your goals consistently. But remember to live while you wait on those goals to manifest.
  17. Be mindful of what you place after “I am”. It’s the most powerful saying and anything you say after it will come to pass.
  18. The Universe wants for you, what you want for yourself. The irony.
  19. Sex is amazing when it’s with the same person. But you also have to feel safe to really enjoy sex, as a woman.
  20. Travel often. Every now and then travel alone, you’ll look at the world differently.
  21. You are never too old to start over (jobs, relationships, ect.).
  22. The death of a loved one has a way of showing you how much you really want to live.
  23. The 3 am prayer and meditation is the plug. It’s not easy but it works.
  24. Drink less alcohol. When you can, leave it entirely.
  25. Sometimes you need to stop being the bigger person and watch things fall apart. Maybe those things will fall back into place again, or maybe not.
  26. Laughter and napping are two of the best cures. Oh, and tree hugging.
  27. Stop taking yourself so seriously; laugh, play, fart!
  28. Believe in your biggest, grandest version of yourself. That person is dying to come alive, literally.
  29. There’s beauty on the other side of letting go, there’s a whole world waiting for you, just empty your hands (and heart). Ask me how I know.
  30. Celebrate where you are and be grateful. It attracts more things to be grateful for.

I must say, life has positioned me in such a way that I have no chance but to level up. And I plan to step it up up.

Hae du!

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